CSCEC ME Wins 2017 CSCEC Science and Technology Award

CSCEC ME Wins 2017 CSCEC Science and Technology Award

CSCEC released the list of recipients of the 2017 Science and Technology Award in January 2018. CSCEC ME 3D printing building technology achievements won the second prize and Mr. Zhu Jianchao, our VP cum Chief Engineer won the second prize in individual award.

In 2017, CSCEC ME worked together with CSCEC Technology Center, CSCEC Eighth Bureau and other companies jointly to prepare and report “Research and Application of 3D Printing Materials and Structural Systems” to CSCEC. Among them, Chief Engineer Zhu Jianchao presided over the completion of the “3D printing design and construction technology of Future Office of Dubai”. After the evaluation of CSCEC technical experts, CSCEC ME has reached the international advanced level in terms of science and technology which symbolizes a good start for CSCEC ME’s further research on 3D printing technology.

CSCEC Science and Technology Awards are presented annually to project teams that have introduced new methodologies or technologies on technically challenging projects. The pursuit of this recognition helps to foster a corporate culture that encourages technical excellence and innovation which strengthens the expertise and competitiveness of the company in the industry.

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