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On the Middle-East and Regional scale of the Construction Business, CSCEC ME L.L.C. has been a world class leaders and has executed in some of the complex projects of various specialised disciplines such as airports, financial centres, super high-rise Banking, commercial & residential towers, major iconic architectural & steel structures wonders contribution such as the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, iconic Olympic sports complex such as the National Aquatic Centre Beijing,iconic bridges such as the Bangkok Rama VIII bridge and accomplished major impressive world class architecture in some of the major Projects, namely as follows:

  • Baiyun International Airport in GuangZhou, China

  • Hong Kong New Airport Passenger Terminal Building, China
  • Boumediene International Airport, Algeria
  • Shanghai World Financial Center, China
  • Zallaq Resort Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Doha Tower, Qatar
  • Office Building of Central Bank of Kuwait Kuwait
  • CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, China
  • National Aquatic Center, Built for the China Olympics 2008, Beijing, China
  • Bank of China Headquarters Building, Beijing, China
  • Bangkok RAMA VIII Bridge, Thailand

CSCEC ME L.L.C. has develop a dedicated team to provide a wider scope of construction and engineering services through the setting up of our own MEP services branch and a Infrastructures branch in Middle-East region. CSCEC ME L.L.C. has proven over the years that it is capable of providing guarantee to the Developers a built environment product that meet international standards and at the same time comply with the commercial budget of the Project. CSCEC ME L.L.C. has cultivated a profound Project Management team to enhance the delivery of the deliverables on schedule and often meet the Cost Management demand of the client’s intent. In 2008, CSCEC ME L.L.C. has attained accreditation in Quality Management Certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000.


General  Contracting

In normal traditional engagement for project deliverables in the construction industry where the Owner engages the Designer and Contractor separately, CSCEC-ME provides various methods to accommodate this engagement approach. The General Contracting Services include Lump Sum   price format, Unit pricing and Cost plus methods. CSCEC-ME commits its expertise and experience to ensure that the projects undertaken are delivered safely, timely, within client’s approved budget and comply with the design constraints,local building codes and International building codes.

Design & Build

CSCEC with its global and domestic platform is able to offer our clients besides traditional contracting services but also a Design and Build format. Consolidating under one umbrella our   Project management and construction management with our Design Affiliates results in a seamless and faster mode of Construction. Design/Build  fosters greater communication and understanding of the needs of the Project and that of the Stakeholders resulting in a greater overall cost saving and faster time frame from inception to completion. CSCEC-ME deploys its expertise and experience to ensure that the projects undertaken are delivered safely, timely, within client’s approved budget and comply with the design constraints,local building codes and International building codes.

Construction Management

CSCEC-ME  provides and customizes CM services as an Agent for the Client or in terms of Management Risk model. The CM service format facilitates the design and construction phases transitioning into a Fast- track delivery approach. Services include Planning, Scheduling, Value Management(encompasses Value Engineering) & Cost Control, Quality Assurance and Control, Procurement, Contract Management, and Safety.The Construction Manager as Agent: CM acts as a third-party manager of the construction process from concept to completion. All the information, such as cost, schedule, aesthetic, is open-book permitting the Owner flexibility in its decision making. The process provides for controlling the cost, time and quality. Compensation is usually on percentage fee remunerated on an agreed deliverables and time schedule basis. Construction Manager at Risk: Besides preserving majority services of CM as Agent, CM at Risk provides a guarantee Maximum Price and Time frame for Construction. This format allows for fast tracking a Project and flexibility in controlling the Cost and Quality. CM Fee is commensurate with Risk allocated to the CM.


China State Construction Engineering Corporation Middle East (CSCME) Infrastructure Division has been operating in the region since 2006, in these 6 years the division has added significant strength to the company’s operation and value of return. This is the result of the strong financial and technical support received from China State Corporation in Beijing.

The division is operating under the umbrella of CSCME vision and mission and the infrastructure scope of works have been ISO and OHSAS certified in 2008 to ensure the systematic control, quality measure and continual improvement of the operation.

The division has been involved in delivering key projects in the UAE in various emirates worth a total of AED 800 Million, such as the Improvement of Parallel Road in the emirate of Dubai and the Construction of Outer Bypass Extension in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain.

The Infrastructure Division is unique with its recognized strength in the number of equipments owned by the company, which enables the division to bid and deliver projects to potential clients’ projects with very competitive price.

The Division’s Leadership ensures that a very high calibre of staff are engaged in different processes (i.e. Tendering, Design, Technical, Construction etc…) of the construction cycle, hence being able to deliver a high end product to the Client and the community.
Currently there are two mega projects that has commence and ongoing:

  • R 902/1 Improvements of Emirates Road Stage 2/ Phase 1″ is expected to be completed by January 2013.
  • Construction, Completion and Maintenance of South Shamka Infrastructure (LOT-3), Abu Dhabi” is expected to be completed by August 2014.

The Infrastructure Division during its short operational period in UAE has proven its capability in delivering mega projects with a good standard in terms of Progress, HSE, Quality and Cost and succeeded to deliver projects in various contractual arrangements.

The Infrastructure Division has a strong potential to expand in the region due to its enormous performance in the past six years and with the wise support from its Leadership. The division past and ongoing projects have been focused on Roads and Bridges construction, but currently there is a strong focus on various sectors such as the rail projects as this type of projects is new to the region and China State Global have a proven record of experience in delivering mega rail projects in China as well as Internationally.


China State Construction Engineering Corporation Middle East (CSCME) Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) division has been operating in UAE since 2003 along with the core CSCME’s building sector.

The MEP division has been adding strong value in enabling the company to deliver the full requirements of any building project to the Clients.

The MEP Division had succeeded to deliver all the MEP packages of the awarded building projects and furthermore it has been competitive to stand and bid for external MEP packages for different external clients. This has been adding an extensive value to the company operations in the UAE.

The MEP Division after 9 years of operation in UAE has been enriched with a very experienced staff in addition to the technical support being received from Beijing. This allows it to provide a competitive stand in the MEP construction market.

The MEP works have been OHSAS and ISO certified since 2008 along with the other capabilities of CSCME to ensure and deliver a perception to the Client with regard to strong integrated management of all CSCME capabilities.

As the division belongs to a major state group, this gives it a very strong advantage of procuring long lead items in a very competitive price from the Chinese Market. This helps to deliver projects in a very competitive price.

The MEP division’s Leadership is always keen to improve the skills of divisional operations and ensure that the division can deliver and support the other divisions in terms of the project’s requirements.