CSCEC ME Held a Mid-Autumn Festival Cross-Cultural Integration Activity

CSCEC ME Held a Mid-Autumn Festival Cross-Cultural Integration Activity

On September 7th, CSCEC ME held a Mid-Autumn Festival cross-cultural integration activity to celebrate the traditional Chinese festival and enrich employees’ life.

During the activity, CSCEC ME invited a Chinese-English bilingual instructor to introduce the cultural practices of Mid-Autumn Festival to the audience. After the lecture, the instructor answered questions about the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture and gave out traditional mooncakes for the present employees. All participants were attracted by the lecture and stories, they also played the Chinese “pass the parcel” game, recited ancient poems in both English and Chinese, and tasted different flavor of mooncakes. Laughter and applauds were filling the meeting room.

A painting to celebrate the festival drawn by Vice President Mr. Zhu Jianchao was also presented. With its name adopted from the famous Chinese poem “Prelude to Water Melody”, Mr. Zhu wished all people health and longevity, and share loveliness of the festival. In the end, all staff took a group photo with the instructor and thanked her for the impressive lecture.

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