5th CSCEC ME Technical Conference Successfully Held

5th CSCEC ME Technical Conference Successfully Held

Inspired with an event theme of “Innovation Drive for Future Proof Construction”, CSCEC ME successfully held the “5th CSCEC ME Technical Conference” from 8th to 9th December 2021. It was a remarkable annual event as the biggest knowledge sharing via vFairs virtual platform. For the first time to record a total of 480 participants from company staffs and strategic partners from government authorities, prominent clients, key consultants, market specialists, industry partners and academe university experts.

The event was warmly opened and kicked off with welcome address by Mr. Mansour Faried (Chief Engineer of CSCEC ME) that expressed the rationale behind the event theme and newly tailored arrangements. Followed by the keynote speech of Mr. Yu Tao (President & CEO of CSCEC ME) that strongly featured the primary force and advantage of adopting innovation and green construction as new approaches to enable CSCEC ME ahead of competition and considered to be the frontrunner in the market. Mr. Yu gladly shared his thoughts on the progressive efforts of CSCEC ME in line with the new trends of the construction industry and emphasized to not only understand the concept but also to put into actual practice to improve efficiency and make life easy. Lastly, he also encouraged everyone to be competitive and alert to better understand the new development of the construction industry.

The inspiring speech of Mr. Wang Shi (Founder of Vanke Board/Chairman of Vanke Foundation) tackled the interesting topic of Green Construction.  The core of his context expressed three main points including the unity of all mankind to defeat the climate changes, the concerns about the future of Dubai in support of Sustainability and lastly the relevance of culture, language and cooperation.

External and in-house presentations were intended to demonstrate the future directions that showcased robotics technology for construction, automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in construction, lean construction, green construction, smart construction, route to net zero construction, historical and successful first rail construction, innovative construction materials, offsite and modular construction. Part of the program are the Engineering initiatives for the announcement of winners for Knowledge Champion Competition and launching of Construction Library.

The new set up was an elevated level of immersive virtual experience via the customized auditorium, advanced design of lobbies, unique exhibitor booths, newly introduced photobooth, interactive lounge areas and round table sessions with maximized social media networking opportunities and add on features that were never seen before. The wide extent of arrangements and comprehensive programme was made it possible for this year as a new venture of paving a solid collaboration and futuristic pathway within built environment’s transformation. The feedback was highly positive as a resounding success of unprecedented opportunity in reimagining our future as a way forward to digital transformation.

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